Get to know Fergie’s world in A Week With Fergie: seven bite-sized episodes full of adventures and mischief, featuring Fergie and his friends.

Each episode also includes activities for kids (aged 3-6) and adults to play together - simply download, print and get stuck in! The fun stuff includes creative challenges, ideas to spark chats, and plenty of space for doodling.

  1. Monday


    Gramps is worried when he notices a lamb has gone missing from the farm. Time for Fergie to help his friends!

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  2. Tuesday


    Poor Daisy isn't strong enough to move the milk cart, and George and Gramps don't have time to help her. Will Fergie be able to save the day?

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  3. Wednesday


    Farmer George wants to relax and have a picnic, but Gramps tells him that there's work to do! When a painter comes to work on the farm, things get a bit messy...

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  4. Thursday


    Things get a bit scary on the farm today when the local Scrap Dealers arrive, on the hunt for scrap metal. Will Fergie be able to escape?

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  5. Friday


    Uh oh! The Scrap Dealers are plotting how to steal Fergie and crush him for scrap metal! But things don’t quite go to plan...

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  6. Saturday


    Romance is in the air at the farm today! Gramps makes a new friend, and Fergie falls for a lovely red tractor called Pony! Will he be able to impress her?

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  7. Sunday


    Fergie and Pony are left alone on the farm today, and the Scrap Dealers are back! Will Fergie be able to save Pony...?

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