*Grown-ups! Fergie’s story is great for reading out loud with kids. Make sure to do plenty of funny voices.

Fergie’s Story


This is the story of a very special tractor. He’s quite a small tractor (although not as small as you). His name is Fergie - and he’s very pleased to meet you.

Fergie lives on a rather unusual farm. It’s a very nice farm to live in - there are pigs and geese, chickens and cows, sheep and horses.

Press the animals to hear the noises they make on the farm!

cow goose sheep pig horse

I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t sound very unusual or magical at all. But, wait...

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Do you promise not to tell anyone...?

Well, you do seem like a trustworthy person. This is Fergie’s secret: he’s rather different to most other tractors you might have met..

Fergie is alive!

Ssh. Remember you promised not to tell anyone!

Fergie can drive all by himself, and hear and see and think! He gets into all sorts of adventures, and he loves helping out around the farm.

fergie in barn

You know, Fergie is older than he looks, in fact he was made years and years ago, long before you were born.

Close your eyes and try and imagine that for a second.

There were no computers back then, or iPads. Can you picture it? I know, me neither

Anyway, Fergie still feels very young, and he still has lots to learn. A bit like you.

For a long long time Fergie was tucked away in a barn, dusty and forgotten. Because nowadays, farmers don’t really think they need tractors like Fergie. They have big machines to take care of things.

But Fergie knows that he can still be helpful. And his favourite thing is doing good deeds that nobody knows about, and seeing how happy he can make his friends on the farm.

And he’s always a bit scared that the local Scrap Dealers are going to snatch him away and sell him as scrap metal.

Here they are. They don’t look very nice, do they?

scrap dealers

But he’s a very brave tractor, and he’s always ready with a clever plan...

fergie's got a plan!

Would you like to get to know Fergie and see his farm?

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