Kids can enjoy the world of Little Grey Fergie beyond simply watching the episodes. Here you can download fun activities for grown-ups and kids to play together.

Our Play with Fergie colouring pack is full of pictures from the world of Fergie - just add crayons! Each episode also has creative play challenges and ideas to spark conversations, perfect for kids aged 3-6.

  1. Colour-in with Fergie

    Colour-in with Fergie

    Download and print some beautiful images of Fergie and his friends. Perfect for kids to colour-in and make their own.

    Download Activities
  2. Fergie-It!


    Bring things to life with Fergie’s eyes! Download a sheet of Fergie eyes, for grown-ups to cut out carefully, and kids to stick anywhere they like!

    Download Activities
  3. Monday


    Today's activities are all about finding lost things and doing good deeds! Download and print today's activity sheet to get started.

    Download Activities
  4. Tuesday


    Today's challenge is all about inventing your own robot! And our 'Let's Chat' idea will get kids talking about growing up. Download the worksheet and grab some crayons!

    Download Activities
  5. Wednesday


    Today's activities will challenge you to get creative painting your own farm and have fun with an indoor picnic! Download the sheet to get stuck in.

    Download Activities
  6. Thursday


    Today's activities will challenge kids to be observant and test their memories. Plus a fun metal-spotting activity for wannabe scrap dealers! Download the sheet to get started.

    Download Activities
  7. Friday


    Today's activities will get kids learning about plants and flowers, and chatting about scary things! Download today's sheet to have more fun with Fergie.

    Download Activities
  8. Saturday


    Today's activities include a quick-fire challenge (get a timer ready!) and a 'Let's Chat' idea to get you both talking about things you love. Download the sheet to begin!

    Download Activities
  9. Sunday


    Today's activities are about pulling scary faces and being good friends! Download and print the sheet for more Fergie fun.

    Download Activities
  10. Puzzles

    Six Fergie Puzzles

    Puzzle Fergie, Pony, and their friend Clunky, Gramps, Farmer George and Daisy!

    • available on app store
    • available on play store
  11. On the go

    Fergie On The Go!

    Endless gameplay for small and big fans of Little Grey Fergie.

    • available on app store
    • available on play store
  12. The Fergie Song

    The Fergie Song

    The Greatest Tractor In The World

    Available to buy and download here

    • download on wimp
    • download on spotify
    • download on itunes
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